Race Directors

Shelli Sexton, Co-RD

Shelli was born and raised in Riverside, CA.

Shelli ran cross country in High School…. And hated it. In her 20s, she started racing endurance (50-mile and 100-mile events), racking up over 6,000 miles and finishing top 10 at the Western States Trail Ride (a.k.a. Tevis Cup), the oldest modern-day endurance ride and forbearer of the Western States 100. To be competitive in racing her horses, she started running – 10Ks, then half-marathons, then marathons (incl. LA Marathon) before moving to racing 50Ks competitively.

When her son was born, Shelli stopped racing horses but kept running 50Ks until she met Rachael… and the rest is history!

Rachael Kadell, Co-RD

Rachael was born in Singapore, grew up in England and jumped ship to the USA in 1993.

Despite having shown no interest in running in school, she decided to take up distance running to lose those pesky post-pregnancy pounds and ran her first marathon in 2006. She ran a bunch of marathons before deciding her heart is on the trails and switched to trail running with first 50K in 2008, first 50-mile and 100-mile in 2009. It was during this time she met Shelli and the two bonded on their first adventure together – Grand Canyon R2R2R. Since then, they’ve shared many adventures on the trails of CA, AZ, OR, NV, UT, TX and Costa Rica.

Rachael lives in San Clemente, CA and is supported by her loving husband and two boys, one a proud member of the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets, the other a fun-loving high school drama student.